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If you want to fine-tune or maintain your critical thinking skills without forsaking your humanity, then you must first read, read, read. Then write, write, write. There is no other way. Which is why I decided to create the Daily Drafts & Dialogues Substack.

Daily Drafts & Dialogues is the daily newsletter for critical thinkers, writers, and readers like you and me, who care about what they read and write and its impact on the world, the people in it, and themselves. The hope is that each daily post gets you to write drafts about your thoughts and feelings on important topics so that you are more inclined to engage in meaningful dialogues with others, especially others inside our Substack community.

Each daily newsletter includes a question that will get your wheels turning and your creative juices flowing, along with relevant writing prompts for you to complete to explore the question on your own. Each day, you will see both nonfiction and creative writing prompts. Following the writing prompts, you will see my response to the question of the day, which will typically be my completed version of one of the writing prompts. I do this to showcase my writing, sure, but I hope it also gets one or more dialogues started, too.

Warning: This newsletter is not meant to tell you only what I think and feel, although I will share what I think and feel about various topics in daily posts. And it’s certainly not meant to tell you what you should think and feel. No. There are enough strong-minded opinion pieces and blogs out there already. Instead, the Daily Drafts & Dialogues Substack exists to get you reading, writing, and thinking about various topics on your own via daily writing prompts in the hopes that it will spearhead meaningful dialogues within our Substack community and beyond.

This newsletter will likely appeal to those who are philosophical with a practical and or creative streak. And to those who want to feel a bit more connected to themselves, what they read and write, and the broader world in which they live and all the people in it.

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K. E. Creighton

I am a writer and reader who believes in the power of storytelling. Never pretentious. Rarely conventional. Occasionally poetic. Often philosophical. Always human.